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I have been suffering from depression for sometime now, but have never been able to get therapy or any sort of counseling because my parents say they don't believe in depression and that it;s something I can "shake" off. I don't know if it has anything to do with the depression , but my family moved frequently in my childhood so I had to change schools against my will 5times.
I remember feeling so anxious and fearful everytime I had to adjust to a new environment. My mom has hit me in the past but my father gave /is giving me more painful mental pain. When he got mad used to throw and break everything on the dining table. Although he hasn't done it for the past several years now, I still get panic attacks when I hear him clatter utensils in the kitchen.
Everyday is a dread when facing my family and I wanted to kill myself since middle school. When i m in the house with them i feel so trapped and feels like its just enemies around me.
Sorry for the boring introduction but I hope to meet people that are in a similar situation here and hopefully sharing our pain may relieve it somehow.


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Hi Darklight...welcome...glad you found us...your introduction was not boring at all..it must be so frustrating to live with people who are narrow minded, especially when you are in want of help...hopefully, you will be on your own and can get what you feel you need...can you speak to your family doctor or a trusted adult to tell them how you are feeling and maybe they can convince your parents to be more involved in getting you care...also, is there anyone at school you can trust and talk to? So sorry things are so rough, but comforted that you shared with us...please continue to post as there are many people here who can relate...big hugs, J
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