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Hi everyone!

My name is Miri and I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself here. I'm eighteen years old, live in Germany, and am currently in the process of finishing off school and getting ready to move to England for university.

The reason I found my way here is that I have continuous urges to self harm. I am an artist and can hardly make myself draw anything that isn't, well, self-harm related. I'm not actually depressed, neither do I really feel sad in any way, yet I find it extremely difficult to resist and distract myself from these urges. I wanted to have somewhere where I can talk about such things.

And of course I'm also here to support anyone in need! I'll do everything I can to help everyone out, so don't hesitate to PM me if you'd like to talk or anything. :)

Nice to meet you all!


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Hi M and welcome...glad you found us...it is usually the case that we draw what we know, but lately, I have forced myself to write poems about more pleasant things in the hope I can fill myself up with something more joyful...so far, it is difficult, but I hope it will come easier...hope you find lighter things to draw too...J


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Welcome to the forums Miri...I hope by being here that yoou find a lighter side of life.. We're here to help support you!!!
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