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Welcome to the forums WIC!! Yes you are safe here... Theres an occasional troll who finds his way in here but the MODS and ADMIN are very good keeping this forum safe.. I'm sure you will make friends here easy enough..


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Hi and welcome...we do our best to keep SF safe, but I always remind ppl that this is cyber and some of the garbage does slip through...of course, if you have any concerns, please tell staff and we will follow up as effectively as we can...welcome again and I hope you find the support and caring you are seeking...J
Thank you for the repllies. I guess I should say a little about my situation.

Last year I was admitted to hospital because i was behaving eratically, I was delusional. Ive been on medication for a while and these things have been around less. But recently I have been thinking that there is nothing wrong with me, i used to get messages through my pc and i think the medication is just to block my ability to read these messages. But that sounds crazy right? Thats what everyone tells me.

I dont know whats real anymore

total eclipse

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Hi nice to have you here I think you need to stay on your medication okay as it will keep reality here. Medication will keep you present not have your mind go all over. Hugs to you
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