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I'm new to the forum, I suppose I'm just looking for people to talk to who I don't know. I find it hard to talk to people in general about my problems. I've been referred to a social worker and a psychiatrist but I still can't open up to them either.

I've been suffering with my nerves since I was 17 [now 22] over that period of time it's gone from a anxiety problem to anxiety/depression to suffering with anxiety/depression with early symptoms of psychosis.

It's starting to drag me down now, I feel I want to be normal like I used to be but I can't. I've tried many types of treatments including; anti depressants, hypnotherapy, CBT, Counselling, I'm now seeing a psychiatrist and a social worker while taking anti-psychotics.

If anyone can relate I'd like to hear from you.

total eclipse

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Hi i think there are many people here that can relate to your story I am glad you are getting some help i get some therapy right now keep posting okay so everyone here can get to know you hugs
I shall post as often as I can but I can only use a forum with a name like this when I'm sure I won't be caught. My partner/family know my problems but they don't know that I suffer with my health to the extent I do and for now it's the best way for me to deal with it.

I know it's selfish but I'm glad there are other people on here with similiar kind of problems to mine.
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