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Mr. E

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Hey everyone!

I'm 21 y/o college grad/hopeful grad student... formally diagnosed with clinical depression since 2007, have battled fluctuating bouts of suicidality for years. Hoping to see some sunshine soon.

It seems as though I can't confide in hardly anyone about these issues I face. 95% of my friends and family cannot understand how someone can want to end their own life, are uncomfortable hearing/talking about it, and basically make me feel ashamed for sharing my feelings. As a result, I'm reluctant to do so when I'm in a crisis. So I end up fighting this battle alone.

I think it's really wonderful that a site like this is around. :)


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Hi E, hope you find what you're looking for here, I've not been with the site long but what I've seen of it has been good. welcome :)


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hi and welcome :welcome:

its really hard for people to understand who have no or little experience of anything like this. But you have found a place full of people who mostly doand I hope that will help you.

Hope to see you around



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I hope you find that we can help you through the bad times and hear about the good ones my pm door is always open
much love sarah xx
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