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Not sure what to post, or where for that matter. I first glanced over this forum because of the name, and that isn't what I'm really having an issue with, but I see there are sub-forums for many other topics. I don't really feel comfortable talking about it in my introductory post, but I guess I'll need to figure out which place to use somehow:

Basically I have uncontrollable rage when certain triggers happen. I'm generally a pretty laid back person, so it's pretty disturbing, especially as what triggers the rage, while predictable and pretty well defined, doesn't really make sense to me. There's some depression with it, but I think it may be caused by the afore mentioned problem, and not the root itself.

Uh, so yeah, I feel kinda bad not saying anything more cheery in my intro. Basic info maybe: I'm a guy, 20, who still lives at home home while I finish college, as it's close by and I can't afford to have a place of my own. Tried talking to my parents but they just get mad and yell at me if I even bring it up, which also pretty much puts a damper on any other courses of action I try. Makes me pretty happy I found this place, though :smile:
hello and welcome!

glad that you found your way here!

you might want to post about rage in the general disorders forum, or maybe "let it all out"

hope that sf can help!

Thanks. I put it in the general area because I don't think a rant would really help me much, though it may feel good. I'd just feel kinda wierd too.


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Hi Yellow! Welcome to SF!

BTW, posting may be weird the first few times, but you'll get used to it! I hope SF can help you through rough times

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