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Hello, I just registered here. I've attempted suicide twice now. I was admitted to the hospital & put in the psychiatric ward for two days the second time. I've been on anti-depressants for over 2 years now. I recently went off of them & this all began. I over dosed twice on the pills I had left over from before I quit.

I'm now back on the them, have been for two weeks since I left the hospital but they don't work anymore, I just lie in bed, I quit my job because of these feelings, I'm only 19 & live at home with my parents but I'm going crazy I feel like. Today was a bad day & I was googling other pills that I could take & I ended up finding this site & thought maybe this could help me instead. Maybe interacting with people who feel the same will help me.


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Hi Elley,
You have only been on them for two weeks,,It takes time to build up in your system.. Maybe if there not working you need an increase or switched to another med..Please don't harm yourself.. If you are down come here and talk to us.. You can PM any of us to talk..We are here for you to vent or just talk to..Don't be afraid because we don't judge..Take Care!!

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Hi Hun nice to have you here reaching out for some support I hope you continue on with your meds as said it will take awhile before they kick in hugs to you
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