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Hello, I am in such a terrible place. I have been suffering from depression for quite some time now. I cannot get the suicidal thoughts out of my head. I dont share much with others because I dont want to bring them down.


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Hi and welcome...thank you for sharing with us...is there a counselor or therapist you see to share these thoughts with as well? You might find having someone more objective to share this with helpful. Welcome again, and glad you found us...J


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Glad you are here. You have found a wonderful place where you can tell people how you really feel. Its really safe to talk here. I am glad you are here. I hope that you can someday find someone local who you can talk to. Only because it can really make things easier sometimes :rose:


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Welcome to the SF. a lot of people here are in the same situation so we can understand.

hope you find the support you need.
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