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Hi everyone! Well I'll tell my situation. I'm a 16 year old girl. I was suicidal when I was younger, but lately I've been finding myself having thoughts again. I've been struggling with depression for about 6 years, and it is my current battle. I come from a family that isn't willing to talk about my issues. They block it out as just stress and it'll pass. I even went to my mom, and broke down. I told her my feelings and that I wanted help. She told me to stop the thoughts and tough it out, because she did. No one believes me, because I seem happy. Unfortunately I've found myself putting up walls and locking everyone out. I push all my emotions down, and it is self-destructing me.

I currently work a 38 hour job, and it is hard. A few of my co-workers pick on me because I'm the youngest, and it really makes my day that much harder. My best friend got a boyfriend, and she will drop our plans to run to him. I used to see her everyday, now I'm lucky if I see her once every other week. I feel like I have no one I can talk to and really let my walls build up. I want to let people in, but I feel like they aren't willing to try.

I've never really told anyone about my feelings. I tried to tell my friend but I got the whole 'oh my gosh my life is so hard' reply. I don't want to live like this, I want to be truly happy. I don't want to fake smiles anymore.

Thank you for reading my story. I really appreciate it.

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Hi Kota i am sorry no one seems to be listening or understanding your pain.
Is there a councellor at your school who can talk to hun about what your feeling
You are 16 so you can call your doctor and ask for some medication for depression It will be kept confidential meds will help. Also ask your doctor what therapy there is in the community to help you as well.
You do need to talk hun and the place i would go is to school councillor maybe she can get your mom to understand that depression is a chemical unbalance in the brain so medicaiton is needed to treat it. hugs


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It is heart breaking that you mum shuts you out like. Of course the people at work aren't making anythings better, but you should try and say, do you mind backing of a bit?
You should let your friend know that if you's make plans you expect her to follow through with them as you're needing it.
It seems like you're accepting of this & you're wanting to open up to just about anyone. So as Total Eclipse said, there's resources out there that you should try to pursue.
Hopefully you'll also consider letting people in here. Loads of people here are really understanding and supporting; it's better than nothing.
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