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I am x86cam. I have been abused my my father 4 times, and been hated on the internet for a year. Its hard to deal with. I feel like I am committing suicide soon. Its hard to decide if I do or don't. The people I try and talk with don't know what it feels like. I hope this is the forum I am looking for. I am soo mad right now. My brother spread rumors about me on the internet, and he ruined my internet social life.


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I love tech. I will do anything for it. I have my own website, which has like no great visitors. I am raising money on Google AdSense now.

Thanks for approving.


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Welcome to the forums.. I think you have found the right forum..The peeps here are very friendly..Be carefull of the chat room because it moves pretty fast and it is easy to feel left out..Please keep posting and tell us more about your situation..
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