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Hi everyone,

Just came across this site and i thought that it might be a good idea to join?

Basically I have "mental health issues" which has eventually become out of my control, I basically had to come back to a small town where I grew up to seek treatment. It's tough, no friends, I'm struggling to work through it and although the people around me care and are being as supportive as they can I still feel very much alone.

I thought maybe chatting to people who have been through similar things as I have might help in some way.



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Hi there!

I hope chatting with others helps you too! Maybe the chat room here (there are details in the first two sub-forums on suicideforum.com - "Rules & Guidelines" and "Member Information & Resources") would be something you can look into. Basically, in the top right hand corner of the homepage (suicideforum.com) there's a drop down arrow under "Chat Room" that lets you enter chat. :)

Don't be shy about entering, we'll be sure to welcome you! Like this! :welcome:

Big hugs to you, and thanks for taking the time to join SF! We appreciate that!


Have a good day! :)

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