Hello :)

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Hi everyone

Just thought id introduce myself *waves* :mellow:

As a bit of background, im a former drug addict who has been clean now for over 4 years :)
i still suffer with manic depression which atm i seem to be in the grip of.

Loadsa Luv

BrokenEx xx

total eclipse

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Hi Brokenexchanges wow congratulations on being clean 4 years way to go hun. I hope you can talk with your doctor hun see if you can get something for the manic stage of this depression to help level it out some

Hugs to you


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Welcome to SF, Broken Exchanges. :) Congrats on the 4 years clean! You will meet a lot of supportive people here. I wish you all the best!
My best friend is bipolar and it took several years to get her on the right medication. Once she found the right psychiatrist and they got the meds right, life got a whole lot better for her and she is healthy and happy now. The right meds made all the difference for her.
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