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I'm new here, got out of the psych ward Tuesday. I'm 54, and my younger sisters are very critical of me, mainly that I had opened a "taboo" door, setting an example for my nieces and nephews. I can kind of understand that, but my intent was to be free of 18 months of hellish grief since I lost my wife. And I have found very few that understand the totality and depth of that loss.So no real support for me as a person who still has the same issues going on as before my attempt.
I've been treated for depression since a meltdown over a year ago, but the meds don't seem to be helping. Tried a grief support group, 16-18 sessions with a grief counselor, and read numerous books.
I suppose that's enough for now.


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hello 1Lefty.. welcome.. am glad you still alive and kicking and got past the attempt on your own life.. have had really personal losses in my own life and hurts terribly.. also battled severe depression forever..

Lefty a lot of good antidepressant meds out there and maybe time with doc to try another combo of pills.. i have found a combo which works most of the day for me and maybe the same will be there for you also..

as far as the stigma some see in trips to psych wards and psychiatric meds , those people who cast dispersions upon you probably have not gone thru the really tough times you have recently .. please do not let those who do so put you into a bad place.. this all is a really tough battle and any good help you can get with all of this should be welcomed by you..

good to meet you.. hope to hear from you some more.. take care, Jim

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Hi hun glad to see you reaching out here I hope with support the sadness you hold will be replaced with more happy memories of your loved one
Hi Lefty, nice to see you reaching out for more support. Most people can't understand what it is people suffering from depression feel, they think of it as sadness, which everyone feels. But it's so much more than that and we here do understand you.
I'm actually currently sitting in an ER, waiting to be taken up to the behavioral medicine ward. No one here will judge you, or think you are crazy just because you are in pain. We get it, we have all felt it and most of us still do, we are here for each other and welcome you with open arms.
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