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  1. Poixe

    Poixe Member

    My name is Madisen, I'm 17. Depression and anxiety have been will me all my life, suicidal thoughts the last 4 years, SH and suicide attempts the last two years. I can't handle stress, even answering the phone has led me to SH. I'm a highschool dropout, not very suprising. Other than the depression and anxiety, my life is great. There is absolutely no reason for my illness, a fact that is shoved in my face eveytime I try to open up to my family. I actually think if I had a real reason for my depression it'd be easier to handle, then I'd have something to get over, but I don't. Great life, great family, yet I don't feel so great. I'm glad to have found this forum, I may not post much because it makes me nervous and when I do post I might lose myself (I become difficult to understand) but I'll try.
    Nice to meet you all.
    Have a nice day.
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Hi Madisen
    nice to meet you. Glad you posted. I think differently than you about depression / anxiety etc. I always think there is a good reason, even if it is not obvious. Sadly, for way too many, it seems as if there is no obvious reason. I do not believe that mental illness, depression, anxiety etc, is ever the fault of the person. I cannot know the reason for any one person when the reason is not obvious. But I always am certain that there is a reason that would make sense if I could just know it.

    Okay now having said all of that, I blame myself for my own illness. And so do the members of my family. So I know how other people feel when they also think there is no reason for their own depression, anxiety etc. Especially when family members do the same. I hope you can find your way to post more often. But even if you cannot, just know you ARE part of this community.
  3. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Hi Madisen, glad to have you here at SF. I have a very hard time dealing with any kinds of stress as well. Sorry your family has been less than supportive--I know that feeling all too well. Luckily, you've come to a place where people are very supportive and kind. Take care and hope to see more of your posts soon.
  4. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    hi Poixe.. welcoeme to SF's.. glad you are with us now.. tc
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