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Hello all,

I'm glad I found this forum (found it from a link on a Wikipedia article on suicide).
Let me start by explaining my background; my father was diagnosed with
bipolar disorder about 10 years ago and I think that contributes to my
depression (as bipolar disorder has a genetic cause).

I was never officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, although I believe
I am mildly bipolar as I often feel extreme mood swing. I can laugh hard
when watching a funny video clip and a few minutes later feeling suicidal.

So why do I feel suicidal? I can think of several reasons:
- I left church last year, and this resulted in a loss of social network
- My parents got divorced several months ago
- I was fired from my job 2 weeks ago (actually I was glad cos the
boss is a PHB, but now I'm feeling depressed as I don't have any income
and my saving is dwindling)
- I do not find any meaning in life

Thanks for listening. I hope to make some friends here.


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Hey Afton. Welcome to the forums! I'm Melissa.
I'm really sorry to hear you're going through all this, but I think you found a wonderfull place to be if you're feeling suicidal :)
PM me anytime.
:welcome: to SF. I hope you find support here. there are many people that can relate to what you are going through. Hopefully you will connect with a few and gain a new social network for yourself. Take care. :hug:


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Welcome Afton;

I hope you find the support and comfort here that I did.:smile: The members here are very caring and supportive and willing to listen to you vent your feelings. I hope you make lots of friends here too. It helps to know you're not alone.:smile:

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