Discussion in 'Welcome' started by seahorse, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. seahorse

    seahorse New Member

    This is my first time on a forum. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. Anyway, I can't believe I'm here.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi hun nice to meet you When ready you can post ok and let us know what has brought you here Lots of kind people here hugs
  3. normaljoe

    normaljoe Well-Known Member

    any time you want to feel free to post what brought you here. the introspection that takes place while you type and think and the support you get from all the people here is just wonderful. I would say its almost therapeutic. dont ever feel stupid or ashamed for coming to this website if you are feeling down or depressed. you should find strength in it. :D
  4. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi and welcome...please let us know how you are doing
  5. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Hi, seahorse, and welcome to the forum! When you are ready, hope you will share what is on your mind.

    PS: I like your username...Seahorses are so cute!
  6. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    Hello Seahorse and a warm welcome.. Look around a bit at all the forums.. Find some that hit a familiar chord or two in you then some posts telling us more about you.. Take your own time.. We will be here... Take care, Jim
  7. seahorse

    seahorse New Member

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. Yes, Acy I think so too.
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