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Hello everyone. I recently joined this forum for many reasons. I've caused so many problems in the past that I deeply regret, and I'm afraid of my future. I don't want all the pain to build up inside of me. I really want to tell others, but I'm afraid of being hurt by them. I hope this forum can give me a chance. I've got quite a few stories that I want to let out.


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Hi Patience!

We on this forum can definitely give you a chance to let all of your pain out; until then, we look forward to hearing some of your stories.

Welcome! :hugtackles:


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Hello Patience,
You have a lovely name!! Feel free to talk or rant and vent.. Thats what this place is for .. To get things out..Then the members here will help support you..See you around..


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:welcome: to SF Patience. Feel free to share as little or as much as you are comfortable with. You will find a great deal of understanding and support here. :hug:
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