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Helo from Singapore! :)

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Heelo Sandra, it's a pleasure meeting you. I am glad you decided to join SF, if you evfer need to talk or want a friend, I am here for you. I hope to see you around very soon. Take care of yourself. :hug: :hug: :hug:


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Welcome Sandra to SF :) Hope this is a good site for you to meet people and be understood by others who might be in a similar situation. Lots of Love and :welcome: again, Beret


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Hi Sandra & welcome to SF, your English seems pretty good to me :smile:
When you feel ready maybe you will post again and tell a little about what brought you to SF.

Take care Hazel xx


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Hi Sandra, welcome :)

Your English is very good, and is perfectly understandable :)

Hope this site can give you the support you're looking for :)

Take care



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Welcome to the forum Sandra. :smile: I hope you find the love and friendship and support you need here - I did. Your english seems fine to me. It's good enough to get your feelings across. Come here anytime you need to let off steam. We are listening ears, a shoulder to cry on, and hands/arms to reach out to you and hold on to you if you feel yourself sliding into the pit of despair. Welcome again to the friendliest forum on the net!!:smile: :smile:

love and hope,



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:welcome: to SF. You seem like a very nice person. I hope you are able to get what you are looking for from us. Take care :hug:
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