Help!! Ex turning everyone against me?!

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by elvinchild, Aug 15, 2009.

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    I've been having a really time with my ex, after he left me he started to say really awful things about me to other people and I lost a LOT of friends because of it, I'm really frustrated because its been almost a year and he's still talking, and I'm still losing friends, he tried to reach me over text message pretending he was someone else and harassing me about having an older boyfriend. I don't get why he won't just leave me alone and let us go our own separate ways, the relationship is over and there is no reason for him to continue his attempts to hurt me further.

    I don't feel like there is an end in sight, I mean come on its been a year, and we do know a lot of the same people, he just keeps talking and talking and I don't know how many more people I can stand to lose from this. I feel like my reputation is destroyed and people didn't even give me a chance, they just took what he said for granted and never spoke to me again.

    Not a single one of my remaining friends dislike him because I haven't said anything mean or made him out to look like a fool, and I never have lashed back at him, but its so hard to just sit here quietly and nicely and watch him try to destroy my world while I do nothing to stop it, I want so badly to retaliate but I know that it will only egg him on more and things will get worse. This bothers me so much to watch these people just abandon me because of it, I feel so slighted and I stay up all night thinking about it, there just seems to be no solution and its so painful to be attacked and abandoned like this.

    And my ex knew about all my problems too, the bipolar and anxiety and ptsd and the suicidal feelings, yet he is still trying to give me more pain then I already have. Why? Why??

    It seems like there's no solution, he's just going to keep going at it. Is there anything I can do to stop him? Any way I can reach out to my old friends and convince them to give me a chance? I probably sound like a baby but this is so painful.
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    Well if your friends are that easily misled by a guy that went out with you a year ago, I would question if they were really your friends. Also if you keep asking the guy to stop harassing you and he doesn't then maybe it is time to do something to make him stop. What does your current boyfriend think about this? Has he talked to the guy?
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    i cant say what i was going to because it hurts me more than it can help you. my ex was the same, she ruined my life afterwards. but dont let yours do the same. fight back at him. hes a man so saying hes crap in bed would hurt him. stuff like that works if you wanna be cruel. otherwise just tell him straight, save your sent and recieved texts and call the cops. im just hoping that if you have a child you dont bring them into it, but if you want more info then just pm me. dont want to discuss it all publically