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Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by J_Oli3, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. J_Oli3

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    I think I need medication or something, or else I don't know what's the point in living any longer. I can't get out of the house most of the time and generally feel shit. I've heard certain pills help, if only for the short term.

    Any advice?
  2. J_Oli3

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    Also, has anyone heard of CAT(Cognitive Analytic Therapy) and do you have any knowledge of it?
  3. Chargette

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    You need to be seen by a mental health profession to be prescribed medication and to get into therapy. Call crisis in the mean time.

    Keep posting here, you're doing a good thing for yourself.

  4. J_Oli3

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    My doctors and therapists say I don't need medication, but I think it'd help.
    I can't stand the normal therapy of just talking to someone, for various reasons, so want something more intense and with better 'results'
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    Talk with your doctor let know your depression is not going away and you are to point your thinking is off. Suggest doctor put you on antidepressant just to try tell doctor you need to try at least to see what will happen.
  6. Aurora Gory Alice

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    Benzodiazepines have helped me a lot with anxiety, Fluoxetine with depression.
    If you're sure you want them, push your Doctors for it.

    Benzos are only short term (highly addictive!) but Anti Depressants like Fluoxetine can be prescribed long term. That particular drug hasn't helped with my anxiety, but I know there are others that are in the same meds-type-family that do.

    Just push and push and push for it. Therapy isn't for everybody, so the meds might help.
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    I have the same problem. My doctor somehow came to the conclusion that I don't need anti anxiety meds even though my anxiety is so bad I can't leave the house. Go figure.

    I suggest you bring it up with them again and again, until the get the picture or just change your doctor.