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    Ok. For around the last 3 years now give or take, I haven't really been able to feel anything. Otherwise it's just been blank, everything I used to do that was fun and exciting, made me happy all that has disappeared. I was depressed/clinically depressed for a year maybe two years, but now that seems to have disappeared aswell. Now all I can feel is absolutely nothing. I even have a girlfriend, but I don't even truly know if I like her (I kinda just went for it based on other factors) and it worrys me that I can't feel anything, even for my girlfriend.

    I've read about people saying traumatic things happening to them then this, but the only traumatic thing happening really was my parents splitting up 7 years ago, but that's around a 4 year difference between that happening and my lack of feeling and I don't hold anything against my father or my mother about it, so I don't really believe that it could be because of that.

    I don't know what to do, I want to feel again. For a while I didn't really care, infact I found it useful because I could improve in school because I didn't really care what I was doing. Now however I don't know what to do, I want to feel again I just dont know how.

    I've read talk about people saying "You need to get in touch with your emotional side" or what ever stuff like that, how exactly do you do this? How do you get in touch with something you've lost faith in being there.

    I just really don't know what to feel again.

    Please help.
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    It was suggested to me that I get a pet, not necessarily to combat disassociation, but to help me not feel alone until I felt comfortable around people again.
    Having a pet in your case might help you empathize with something that needs you and just might help you feel once more.
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