Help me convince my friend he is not hell bound.

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  1. salamndstron

    salamndstron New Member

    Please pardon me for barging in and being so blunt and graphic but I am in dire need of advice, and truth be told it is nice to have a place to release. My old friend attempted recently and was Baker Acted, he has been in a Mental Health Rehabilitation Center for well over 3 days, he is going on a week I believe. He lives in assisted living because of physical illness, though he is one of those people that really does not need to be there. He has mild aspergers and severe chrones.(sure I misspelled one of those) He is 21 years old and he has lost both of his parents. He recently broke into the assisted living facilitie's kitchen and took a butcher knife to his wrists. When the paramedics came he fought them to try not to be saved. It took 24 stitches to get him to stop bleeding. As a friend turning 19 on Saturday I am not exactly sure how to help him. I visited him in the rehab center and he seems to be doing relatively well.

    Matthew is a very religious man and he truly in his heart believes that he is going to hell for attempted suicide. What would really help me help him is for anybody more familiar with the Bible then I am to give me some advice on what to say, or even a place to look in the Bible. I even welcome anybody who believes he is going to Hell to speak up and quote the Bible. I just need to arm myself with as much as I can to make him feel better. Please somebody give some sort of help, I am just a kid that does not remember to pay his electric bill I do not know how to change somebodies life and their life perspective.

    While I am on here I would also like to ask something else. My friend Will went with me to see Matt since we are all friends. Will is not taking the whole situation well at all. I know he wants to be there for Matt, but I am not sure how deeply it is affecting him emotionally. Is there anything that I can say to help will cope with the whole situation? We are all so young. We are 19 years old, which according to the law means we are adults and should be able to handle things like this. In reality none of us know how to handle it. Any advice is much appreciated, and thank you all for reading this.
  2. salamndstron

    salamndstron New Member

    I hope I placed this post in the right thread, the question is based in religion and the guidelines said religious discussions to the soap box.
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    ASolitaryBlue Well-Known Member

    i was raised catholic, and although i no longer follow the faith now, this topic was touched upon every now and again growing up
    i know that as catholics, we were taught you kill yourself, you go to hell
    (doesnt make much sense to me, but hey, i left the church)
    also, we were taught that god is all forgiving.
    hence, even if we make a suicide attempt, he still loves us
    and he will forgive us, despite our attempt at an action like that
    so from what i know, your friend shouldnt go to hell according to the rulebooks, as long as he seeks forgiveness from god
    in case that made no sense and just so you have more info, i found a few sites that might help:

    talks about sin and suicide:

    this one is from an online catholic site, not sure if youre friend is catholic or just christian, but here ya go, more insight nonetheless:
  4. salamndstron

    salamndstron New Member

    Thank you very much for those links. As I am doing research I can't seem to find a single quote from the Bible saying that suicide is a sin. It is a pretty big book though, do you or anybody else know of any suicide specific Bible passages?
  5. ASolitaryBlue

    ASolitaryBlue Well-Known Member

  6. deadtoeveryone

    deadtoeveryone Active Member

    i am catholic and have been so all my life.. i cant give you specific places to go in the bible, tell your friend that to commit suicide wont necessarily make you go to hell. it is because God is forgiving that he understand what we are going through.. he understands our hearts and he knows what we are feeling. most of the time when people attempt or actually succeed in commiting suicide they are not thinking rationally. and i say rationally because normally our instincts as humans is to survive.. when we are suicidal we want to die.. that instinct, that natural drive to keep us going is being overided in a sense and we become irrational...if we are irrational in thought then you do not truely have free will which is required for it to be a sin.. tell your friend that he wont go to hell.. i dont know if he is catholic or not but if he is and if he still doesnt accept that then tell him to go to confession.. confession is the perfect opportunity for someone to confess whats on their mind.. if he still believes he sinned confession will get rid of that sin..

    hope this helps.
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