Help me, im scaring myself.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by odin93, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. odin93

    odin93 Guest

    I said somethign really bad to a girl but by accident, and now i thought that i was like sensative but now i am thinking taht i aint and that like now i have nothing good for me and taht i feel really lonely, and i jsut feel like i have no good qualities for people to like me and taht scares me, like ive been wanting to get high lots lately too, ive never done drugs though, and tahts really scaring me also its jsut my mind is really thinking scary thoughts right now and i cant take it. The scary thoughts are suicide i can clearly see my own suicide in my mind and im not afraid of that and that what scares me i also feel very lonely in my school since there arent alot of poeple and i dont usually hang around with people. I am also very shy which doesnt help, it also doesnt help that im stuck out here in the middle of nowere wehre i cant do anything and no one notices me, im scared. HELP.
  2. hammockmonkey

    hammockmonkey Well-Known Member

    heyo, i went to a small school for lowerschool (2-8) and highschool (9-12), just over 300 people total, (K-12). all my good friends left when i was in highschool, so i finished out with people i talked with, but no one i was close to. living in the country can be hard. so little around, i grew to enjoy the outdoors and things in it.

    being shy isn't bad, "still waters run deep." read, live, know that life goes on. take risks when talking to people, let them know what you think, regardless of how they take it. I mean be honesty about what you think, it may hurt someone to hear it. But it still can be the right thing to say.

    i'm not a great example, but understand. I destest friends lying to me or pretending shit isn't there that is.

    be safe and live, life is all we got.
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  3. nedflanders

    nedflanders Well-Known Member

    I can relate to being awkward, lonely, and sad.

    In general, there's not much that can't be fixed with time & distance.

    In the meantime, exercise helps as much or more than anything else.
  4. IDKwhatIwant

    IDKwhatIwant Well-Known Member

    Most of the time when I feel like that, I just go to sleep. Itll pass, and when you wake up, since you have internet access, try getting a constructive hobby. Like learning a new language so you can expand your interests and maybe youll relate with people from other nations. :wink: or try a new exercise. It never hurts to be healthy and maybe you can find another hobby later on that requires you to be fit. IDK
  5. Trident

    Trident Active Member

    I could not agree more.
    Please be gentle to yourself, we all make mistakes and say things we feel we should not have said or done. its HUMAN.
    But still, its not worth killing yourself over a misunderstanding, trust me.
    PM if you need and want to talk-

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