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help me it's too noisy


University Student
Hi All

help me i am hypersensitive to loud noises again like my dad cooking and the football on or my jeweellry
has my inner ear speaker been turned up loud
ussually it wouldn't cause me to feel uncomfortable but today i am feeling really uncomfortable.


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I don’t like it either. My mom likes trash tv (maury stuff like that) and always plays videos on her phone with the police and lots of yelling. It raises my blood pressure and reminds me of bad things in the past I hate it and know that feel. I can hear peoples’ conversations even swimming underwater. I think it’s because my vision isn’t great.


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I get this sometimes too, I have neighbours who like to listen to their radio at a certain time each morning. I also can't stand the sound of chewing. The list is huge. It's just about bearable until I start feeling really low in mood. I usually just have to put some headphones on with my favourite music, or put my fan on full blast for white noise - it's not ideal, but better than the noise other people make.
Foam earplugs won't completely eliminate noise, but they do reduce it significantly and are reasonably comfortable.

If you can get away to a quiet place, like a library or out in nature, that might be a good option.

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