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    Ever been in that place where it seems... you keep reaching out, but nobody hears... you look around, see everyone talking, and continuing on in their daily lives... while you feel yourself screaming for help, but somehow go unnoticed... and feel that awful dread of realization you can't save yourself? This is that emotion...

    "Help Me Now"

    When I look around
    All I see
    An empty town
    And what used to be

    I can't hear a sound
    Nor feel a thing
    This empty town
    Don't mean a thing

    You look at me
    And you can't tell
    Cuz what you see
    Hides the well

    A well so deep
    It's drowning me
    I long to weep
    My deepest need

    Inside me now
    Can't make a sound
    Don't know how
    You come around

    Cuz I can't give
    What you need
    And I can't live
    I only bleed

    There's nothing now
    That means a thing
    Can't tell me how
    Your love you bring

    I need your help
    Yet I can't speak
    I try to yelp
    But it comes out bleak

    So tell me how
    This heart won't break
    Please help me now
    So my soul won't break

    I pleaad with you
    Yet still I know
    There's nothing left you can do
    I just need to go ..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.