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    When I look around
    All I see
    An empty town
    And what used to be

    I can't hear a sound
    Nor feel a thing
    This empty town
    Don't mean a thing

    You look at me
    And you can't tell
    Cuz what you see
    Hides the well

    A well so deep
    It's drowning me
    I long to weep
    My deepest need

    Inside me now
    Can't make a sound
    Don't know how
    You come around

    Cuz I can't give
    What you need
    And I can't live
    I only bleed

    There's nothing now
    That means a thing
    Can't tell me how
    Your love you bring

    I need your help
    Yet I can't speak
    I try to yelp
    But it comes out bleak

    So tell me how
    This heart won't break
    Please help me now
    So my soul won't break

    I pleaad with you
    Yet still I know
    There's nothing left you can do
    I just need to go ..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.