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i only have very few friends who i can talk matter how much i talk to them online, i cant help but feeling alone because they live more than 4 hours away..they know that i feel that way but i think the only way i will ever be happy is to be with only friends..i just want to run away from this shitty place and go to where they are..they accept me and they care..and i will not be happy until i do that or i get lucky and someone who cares comes into my life who lives here..i just dont know what to do..and i dont know if i can wait til im 18 and can leave to leave..ive reached a breaking point and i want to end my life..i cant stand it and i hate waiting!


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I agree with forgotten man (and your opinion means plenty by the way so stop putting yourself down) Your present circumstances are not permanent, so please do not feel trapped or hopeless. When you are old enough you will be able to be with your friends. In the meantime try to take comfort from the fact that you at least have these friends that care about you in the first place. You also have people that care about you here. Besides, you may get 'lucky' and find someone walks into your life that cares but you'll never know if you do anything impulsive due to your current feelings. Take care.
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