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Help me please

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They're coming for me. The voices tell me they are. I can hear them telling me through the noises in the cars outside. This is worse than normal for me. Somebody please help me!
Someone is coming to get me but I don't know what. My voices are really bad confirming there is someone coming to get me. I can see demons swirling around the room.


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im sorry things are so hard just now, can you maybe distract yourself with something ? are you in the uk ? is there someone you can call to sit with you while you are going through this rough patch ?


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If you are seeing and hearing things you can get medication that can stop it.... You should go to your local emergency dept and ask for something.xxxx


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What are you on? If it is bothering you and your safety is at risk you should be going to the hospital. Are you under a crisis team or anything?


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You need to drop everything and go to your A&E.. Ask for someone in mental health.. Tell them about the voices and the visual your seeing.. It sounds like it might be the meds your on.. I know they put me on Haldon and it made me worst.. I was hallucenating and hearing all kinds of things.. They took me off that and put me on a high dose of Prolixin twice a day and it has stopped the voices but I still get the visual sometimes..Go to the A&E now.. Don't wait..
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