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    I feel im going mad...

    Why has everything turned on me.
    I dunno what else to do.
    I cry myself to sleep
    I cry everytime I think about it
    Yes, I sound 'Emo' but it hurts like crazy

    I don't wanna mention any names incase someone does read this but I aint got anywhere to just write down my thoughs on everything.

    6th form is shit and I can't stand it.
    Family life is shit...
    Love life has completely disappeared...
    Feel empty.
    Feel Dead...
    Why though...
    He's just another guy right?
    He's made to much of am impact on my heart and I'm attached.
    It's scary how you can love someone so much you'd do anything for them.
    Difference is...
    Can we be together again?
    I know what I want but does he know what he wants?
    Is it me?
    I feel Im losing my best friend.Half my Heart...Half of everything...
    I sound pathetic
    But its true...
    Love can hit at any age
    But why does it have to happen to me, right at this time...
    I can't handle the tears...I should have ran out of water by now!
    So many thing I wanna say to him but i can't... well not that I cant, i can tell him anything but do I want to?
    Yes...but how... how do I tell him I want him, and only him...
    Does he believe me if I say Im sorry and never want to hurt him again...Not after loosing him. I love him.No I mean LOVE HIM...
    I think about him night and day.Wonder what he's doing but I dont wanna do his head in... How do I tell him how I feel without breaking down into tears? Without making things go back to the way they were before...
    Im confussed
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    Hey you don't sound pathetic or anything of the sort, sounds like you're going through a rough time at the moment. I think you should speak to this guy and let him know how you feel, if you feel you cannot talk to him perhaps write him a letter, or send an e-mail? Anything in particular you don't like about the 6th form? Perhaps you could talk to your tutor or 6th form head of year/coordinator if you're unhappy. Am here if you'd like to talk more and if you're concerned about people you know reading and identifying you if you go into more details feel free to PM me.