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    My girlfriend of 14 months, well it would have been in two days, has just left me. We were in a Long Distance Relationship and the last month or two we wasn't talking as much, but there were reasons for that, good and fair reasons. But it started to make me feel like she was slipping away from me, that I wasn't as close to her anymore but I went with it because I thought I was just being paranoid. I got worried when we went on a "break" but that ended a few days ago.. then today she told me she can't do it anymore. I have no idea what to do.. I'm completely in love with her and anyone who's going to tell me I don't know what love is can just go away right now, I don't need comments like that. I need help on trying to deal with this. I spoke with a friend and they told me to just get over it, that it happens all the time, which is probably true sadly, but you never think it'll happen to YOU and YOUR relationship. She made me so happy right to the very end and even though I suspected something was wrong, I was scared to ask in case it irritated her and scared she'd get mad at me or something for being too worried. But still, I didn't think she'd leave. Now she has and we were talking earlier, and then she left but now I have so much I need to talk to her about.. so many things I need to say, need to ask. I wish I could see her even if just one last time for one hug or something.. I know that'd help me right now but would it help her? I don't know.. She says if it's meant to be then we'll get together later on, but even if we are meant to be.. what if she's with someone else then? What then? How is it that you put everything you have into someone and then get ripped apart.. she's not a bad person at all, she's an amazing person, such a loving, caring person. The most incredible I know, and she always will be a good person.. I really have no idea how to deal with this. I'm spamming my diary and that's doing nothing, I'm trying to get hold of her to talk about this, again, nothing's happening, and I have nobody I can talk to about any of this because nobody I know seems to care and my mother is too up her own ass to help me out here.

    What do I do.. How do I get through this at all? We promised we'd never lose each other, never leave.. but now, those promises have been broken. I don't want this at all, I really don't. How do I get through this?? I can deal with all the urges I'm getting but I can't deal with.. this. I never thought we'd end, I can't even imagine a life without her. So anyone, and I mean anyone at all, can you help me at all? Tell me what it is you've done in times like this, maybe? And I know it's supposed to get better with time, but what is there to do right now..? Do I just have to cry for hours and suffer through this or is there something I can do to help myself or.. something.. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    I apologise for the length of this post and thank you in advance.
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    I am going through exactly the same thing at the moment and beating it. PM me.