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help me

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I just failed in an attempt now im trying to find those forums people you hear about where you can meet someone who wants to die too. I just cant cope anymore.
i'm sorry you attempted. did you get any supports in place when you left the hospital? did you go to the hospital? after my last attempt i was really disappointed that i hadn't succeeded but that feeling has gone away. you *can* get through this. what's going on?
i did go to hospital and they just did a few tests and sent me home and bandaged me up. Im just having a really tough time as im getting more and more pains and aches and ill more often and im already autistic and now im struggling to be able to move properly and i just really want out but i dont seem to be able to do it on my own either i fail or i just dont get anywhere. I have no one there for me at all and i doont know what to do. i really struggle to make friends even just online and i feel i always be on my own and have no life and ill just get more ill and feel even more depressed and useless.
well you're not alone anymore, you have us! let us help. did the hospital recommend an aftercare program? after i left the hospital i was sent to a day program for 6 weeks. it really helped. i met some nice people there and the nurses were great. or maybe you can explore counselling on your own? there are some great therapists out there. if money is tight look for one with a sliding scale. i'll be thinking of you, and please keep posting.
er thats why i come here the uk has a really poor track record with mental health services so there wasnt too much of a program and im really not sure whats happening enxt except im seeing someone on tuesday. I do have cbt and im meant to have psychotherapy but i just seem to infuriate them and upset them and they dont seem to want to listen to me so i just get really frustrated and upset and it gets me even more down. I will try to although i dont know what to say or if anyone here means it when they say they want to listen.
i know it's hard to find a therapist you "click" with. i had a terrible one at first, he told me suicide was an abomination. yeah, like that was helpful.... good luck on tuesday. hang on til then, okay?

even though we're in different timezones i *am* always happy to listen... as are some of the other regulars around here. you know you always have a place where you can post your thoughts and feelings and share what's going on with you. sometimes all i have to offer is a shoulder and a hug but i hope it helps.
i know you often get doctors with opnions which isnt good. Thank you im not sure ive tried 3 times in the past week and twice within the past 48 hours. but i may have a change of heart.

thank you so much it does mean a lot id love to feel able to post my thoughts and feelings and not think im bothering anyone and making their life worse or that im hassling them for attention.


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Hi Kernip,

I'm so sorry things are so tough for you that you've tried to end your life this week.. I too hope that you'll get the help and support that you need and deserve so that things can start turning around for you. Is the CBT helping at all? Please don't worry about posting here about how you're feeling etc. it's ok to talk, and we will 'listen'.

thank you for trying and caring. the cbt is helpiong as it gives me somewhere to go and i guess a purpose but other than that not at all no it jsut upsets me more as ity means i tried to get help and now i realise its not working thats one less avenue to go down. i dont feel there is anything i havent tried so its only option
Hey Kernip. I'm in the UK mate and know a little bit about getting help if your struggling with medical conditions and maybe financially also. Usually goes hand in hand.

First off you need to make sure you get whatever your entitled to if your not working. Maybe you've sorted that out but a lot of people are unaware of various entitlements and also the various schemes, educational studies and so on which can at least help you get out the house when your feeling a bit better, Spring is coming here so maybe try and look ahead for some simple courses. Many are free and its OK to go on them if your claiming benefits linked to medical conditions.

You'll see anyone from teenagers to pensioners on educational courses. It is a good atmosphere which is a different world from school and the usual count of kids who don't want to be there and some who should not be there. Adult education is a choice so nobody is there who does not want to be.

Maybe the government and other higher ups want to write many off to the scrapheap but we don't have to play ball and I'm guessing cuts in the UK relating to many various useful activities, education, leisure and health care will lead to bad trouble. Disorder and whatnot.

A lot of elderly cannot fight for themselves and so maybe we should in our way help were we can. Voluntary work might be an option.

I'm thinking ahead a little bit but there are things you can do and steps you can take when your feeling a bit more confident in yourself.

We're always here to help you try and get that way. It can be done brother.

Best of luck with getting help but bear in mind you can vent here all you like and nobody is going to blink as I'm sure everyone understands that its part of a healing process - part of the search to discover what makes you tick in the right direction.

Sometimes you want to tick but you don't give a tock.

PS, OK, the last statement is maybe one I've made up - but all the same.
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