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Help me?

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I am so unhappy. I want the pain to go away. I have 2 lovely kids and a not so lovely husband who I don't want to be with anymore. The problem is, I can't leave him. I feel like want to die, but couldn't leave my children so have even thought of taking them with me. I have told my husband this but he won't take me seriously. What do I do? How do I get him to listen or support me? I am too hard for him to deal with so he wants to ignore me. It scares me that I have these thoughts about myself and my kids and I hear stories on the news of people who have done this and feel like I understand why they did it.
I am lost. Please help me.
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I suggest you go back to your GP, appraise them of that situation and ask for a different drug/dosage - sometimes it takes time to find the right one...
thoughts are different than actions, but still scary i know. you need someone to talk this though with. so i second the idea of finding a good therapist. don't delay in your search for help... i don't want you to continue to suffer. you can overcome this, you just need some extra help.
yeah, so therapy might help. you can also try rTMS or electro-convulsive. I recommend acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine

is it possible to go to marriage counseling with your husband?

you could divorce your husband, or you could separate

you would be able to get either custody of the children or have visitation rights

I hope that things can get better soon!


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Don't do this just to prove a point to your partner. I see people use suicide to prove a point... Please think about your children and their future that they will have.

You need to find a group that could help you move away from your partner. Some offer help and good ways of ending relationships and hiding away.

Is he abusive? Why is it you can't move away from him?
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