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Help me.

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Last night I had a total near-meltdown. I was depressed the past few days for god knows why and then it hit me I won't be able to see Dr. Greene (my psychiatrist) or Jana (my therapist) anymore (they don't take my insurance anymore), and I have to find new people...and I panicked...(which I haven't done yet, so I've been without counseling for a month and a half which is very bad) I seriously scare myself sometimes.

I feel like I'm drowning in black water in a box and I can't get out. That's what it feels like.

I just want to end it all. I've been okay for the past month or so, and now I can't breathe.


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Well no wonder you're freaking, all your support has just been whipped away.
You must feel like the legs have been cut off you.

It makes me so angry when people don't get help because of some bloody insurance company.

Hope you can find some new help as soon as possible. Meanwhile sound off at us we have broad shoulders and can at least give you an ear.


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You can do this.

Lets puzzle this out. Lets break it down and discuss our options.

First, How did you loose this insurance? Can I assume you do not qualify for Cobra or some other insurance that will cover your meetings with these Dr.'s?

Second, have you contacted patient accounts at the hospital and asked them what coverage you need to see your Dr.'s and get your meds? Have you asked them and signed up for any programs you may qualify through the hospital or is there anything they can submit to your previous insurance?

Third ... and probably first actually. Is there anyone you can go to see right now who can help you. A pastor/priest? A therapist? (a church or local social services dept. could set you up with free or very minimal councling right away. I know it's not your regular Dr.'s but they could help you get through this crisis until we can get you back TO your regular Dr.'s.

Tell me what happened? How did you loose this insurance and we can work on possible solutions, k?
Two people who have, in no doubt, helped you has been snatched away from you and I can understand how unstable or scared you are feeling right now. One and a half months is a long time, have you thought about phoning helplines? Perhaps they would help in the meantime. Maybe if you expressed your concern to your doctor they can refer you onto someone, or suggest someone who can help. There's other theraputic ways to help too such as drawing, or writing. Also remember we're here too and if you want to vent, get support etc then you're at the right place. Feel free to PM me anytime.
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