Help my unbelief!

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    Great Spirit, Mother/Father Creator,
    I want so very much to believe,
    I know that Your deep love and mercy,
    Your forgiveness and understanding of all human hearts
    Is very real, but still I doubt.

    Through an ever increasing understanding of the mysteries
    Of my own existence and Yours,
    Please help me to overcome my unbelief.
    May my perceptions no longer be based on mere surface words,
    But on a deep inner knowingness
    Of the hidden meanings behind the texts of all
    Sacred teachings of our world.
    Help us all to grasp them the way we did
    In times gone by, in other lifetimes,
    When this state of consciousness was known as gnosis.

    The dawn my soul has patiently been waiting for is here.
    It has arrived through the lonely watches of my spirit’s night
    That took me through the narrow tunnel of the grief
    Of having lost my inner connection with You.

    Tortured, alone in the creeping loathsome dark,
    Dragged along a labyrinthine maze, I wait,
    Safe in the knowledge that the healing rays of the Sun
    Of your eternal wisdom and truth will eventually bring about
    The rebirth of my own soul and that of our world.
    Triumphantly, the iron gates of pain are breaking down,
    Bringing new life where broken hopes
    Once lay crippled among the ancient battlements
    Of my soul and that of our world.

    May my lack of faith in You now be replaced by
    The deep inner awareness of your Divine presence in me
    And all my companions, each on their own way
    Back home into the oneness with You.

    As surely as each night is followed by a new day,
    When the midnight of the soul of humankind has come to its end,
    Mother/Father, the radiance of Your Light will reign supreme,
    Forever and ever.


    Randle Manwaring
    Edited by Aquarius

    With love and light,
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