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help...no idea where im going

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ok. i just want help. i love this girl with all my heart, and i hate drugs with all my heart. she is having an absolutely horrible life so far. she may have to go to court soon due to being molested sort of. im not sure of the whole story. and she loved me back too. and i was recently notified she does cocaine now too. shes 14. i cant stand it, and i told her i want going to talk to her if she kept doing that. today, i learned drugs are more important to her than i am. she is planning on doing them tonight. i need to know what to do. she had to move due to the court thing, so shes over 2000 miles away. and i need to do something. i love her, i dont want her hurt, and i want to say something to someone who can stop her. i know she'll hate me...but she wont be doing drugs...is that a bad idea? i hurt myself knowing shes being hurt. so can anyone help please? im tempted to just kill myself, and hopefully that will make a point to her about how god damn bad i want her to stop.
If you can talk to someone that can help her do it before it is too late and she becomes so hooked on that there isn't away out. i know she may be angry with you but at least in the end she can be safe and away from teh drugs, hopefully. best of luck.

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