Help Please !!!broken product suicide attempt Now

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broken product suicide attempt NOW

I am currently talking to broken product on msn he says hes taking some anti vomiting tablets and plans to overdose on morphine aswell. he hasn't posted on the forum because he sayed he got stopped on his last attempts. if anybody can help its greatly appreciated.
Re: broken product suicide attempt NOW

Yeah I just spoke to him. Didn't try to persuade him or anything.
It's ultimately his choice. ONly hope he makes the right decision.
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Well I was talking to him, but it seems that he's offline now. I didn't try to discourage him since it's ultimately his choice. I hope he made the right decision.


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I spoke with Kurt, and I think he could use all of our support right now, and lots of prayers....He's having a hard time right now, but he's gonna be with us to see a brighter day for if you could all just leave some support for him, I think would be a great help....Thanks.... :hug:


'Hang in thier Kurt, we're all here for you' :hug:
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