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    I have to post this somewhere.

    My boyfriend knows all about all my issues.

    - that I was abused in the past
    - sexually assaulted in the past
    - was abused by my family
    - have been in abusive relationships/friendships
    - have no friends or family
    - don’t have much money
    - feel bad about myself because I am overweight
    - am depressed
    - had an eating disorder, but then gained weight
    - am somewhat suicidal
    - my health is bad

    There’s probably more that I forgot to mention.

    Well, he blows me off constantly, and doesn’t listen to my problems at all. He doesn’t understand the magnitude of them. Then, today, he threatened to break up with me because I have these problems.

    He thinks that if I snap my fingers everything will be magically better.

    He also lives with his parents, though he is an adult, and makes enough to live on his own. He tells them all of my personal problems, as well as his friends. It’s so terrible. Why does he have to tell everyone? He makes me out to be some psycho weirdo.

    He refuses to take me out in public, and I only get to see him once a week if that; which usually consist of sitting there while he watches TV.

    I always hope that he’ll take me somewhere, but he won’t. He says he will, but won’t. It’s getting sickening. He’s all that I have though.

    Yet, he goes all kinds of fun places with his friends, almost everyday, but won’t take me to a single place.

    He won’t come near me at all.

    He lies to me, and his lies are through the roof obvious.

    I have been going out with him for a long time. He’s not so nice to me. He’s controlling.

    He doesn’t want me to lose weight, and says if I do, he’ll break up with me. Too bad, I am trying to lose weight. My weight doubled this year, and I would feel better if I lost a couple pounds.

    I honestly think that he doesn’t want me to be happy.

    He would probably drop dead if he were in my situation. I’m living about four times below the poverty level, I have hardly anything, I’m alone all of the time, I have no car, I am looking for a job but currently unemployed, and I don’t have any of the luxuries that he is accustomed to.
  2. Everything about your boyfriend seems like he is completely unworthy of your attention and of your love. He doesn't even treat you like a friend should treat a friend. The worst thing he is doing to you, is lying to you. That is bad enough. My advice is for you to break up with him. It doesn't appear that there even is a single decent quality about the guy in the way he treats you.