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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by qwerty098, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. qwerty098

    qwerty098 Active Member

    right... i have problems with my joints so i've been seeing the doctor about it ... but ....

    he says i have anorexa and buliema ... how he can say that i don't know i don't starve myself... in fact im really piggish... i dont throw up after i eat..

    I have a high metabolism so when i eat it doesnt put the weight on.. i used to be anorexic and bulemic well i had the charastics anyways. and now i've stopped the doctor seems to think i've got it. blody man.....

    and now everyones forcing me to eat and all that and no one believes me that i'm not starving my self i just get really stressed out and dont wanna eat when ive got all tht pressure on me.
  2. wonderer

    wonderer Well-Known Member

    I've had kinda the same problem - my friends from time to time get convinced that I've got an eating disorder.
    In reality what happens is that I've got anxiety to the point that I get really nausous and sometimes actually do throw up, but definately not by choice.
    Some people I've been able to sit down with and explain whats really going on, and they're cool about it. Others I can't and I've just gotta ignore them.
  3. Why not eat infront of him and everyone then?
    Make sure you say 'see this, I'm eating? How can I be anorexic if I'm eating like a normal person?'
    And after you eat, stay with them so they know you aren't puking it up.

    It's horrid being accused of something you are the complete opposite of.

    So, make sure you prove it.
    Get your point across.

    It's what I'd do.
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