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help please

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i have never done anything like this before so i am not sure how it all works. i guess i will tell you why i am here. i am a single mother of three children ages 4, 2, and 1. i have been severly depressed/suicidal and a self mutilator for thirteen years and i am afraid that one day i might not be able to see the point anymore. i hope that i can find some help here and maybe help someone else as well.:unsure: :sad:
hey welcome, SF is a place to come talk to people you similar situations, basically a place to come get some things of your chest, and help others in difficultys if possible. i hope SF helps you in some way,

hope to see you around

take care of yourself, and your lovely kids :)

vikki x
thank you for welcoming me it is nice to have a place where i can go to be myself and not have to hide my true feelings inside, but don't worry i won't bother you because i know you have better things to do. just want to say thanks
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thanks i hope your mum gets some help i know how hard it is to try and make someone get medical attention when they don't want to cooperate. good luck
but don't worry i won't bother you because i know you have better things to do

hun everyone here will support you no matter what, believe me you will get quickly attached to people here, iv been here over a month and i love everyone here! they mean to so much to me, remember no problem will trouble anyone here, we're all here to help, this community would not survive if we didn't help each other out, feel free to PM (presonal message) me if you need to talk or anything :hug:

vikki xxx
Hi hun and :welcome: to SF. We will be here for as long as you need us to be. You will find many supportive and helpful people at this site. Talking with you will never be a bother. Many of us have been in similar situations and we know how important it is to find someone willing to listen. Take care hun. I look forward to getting to know you better. :hug:
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