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  1. edfdjkhgkjdf

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    I used to burn myself, <mod edit: bunny - methods> - nice - now I am left with flat dark scars on my arm - they are not red or raised but they are still obvious, covering with foundation looks fake, I have tried bio oil, the creams have no evidence base that they work...I am too embaressed to go to the doctors, but I really want to get rid of them so I can move on...I will go to the doctors if there s anything they can do that will definately work...any suggestions? anyone tried anything that works? eg laser? skin grafts? the scars are over a year old...
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  2. LenaLunacy

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    I'd say go the doctors because they can offer you laser surgery or something that wouldn't be available without a reference from a doctor. :hug:
  3. fdkjsgjfldk

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    But does it work??????
  4. Rosenrot

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    There isn't a whole lot to do with scars, they're just there. You can fade them but it's really hard to make them go away.

    You can always see the doctor, there's nothing to be embarrassed about, there's nothing they haven't seen or heard.
  5. I guess a skin-graft would work, as they're used to 'remove' (cover/replace) tattoos. But they would need somewhere to take the replacement skin from (usually the back of the thigh or similar) and it would take a long time. Might be expensive too (depending on how such things are funded where you are). So if you are committed to giving the required time and patience (as it heals) then ask your doctor about how to get one. If it would feel awkward telling your doctor how you got them, then there are plenty of excuses you could use; e.g. Welding accident, car accident, fireworks etc.

    I hope this helped :smile:
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