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Help - where to find good therapy/help in south west Devon/Cornwall area

Hi, going to briefly describe what I'm experiencing not for the purpose of self diagnosis/you guys to help diagnose but so you can direct me in the best direction. I've never been diagnosed with anything but I'm in a place where I feel I'm now open to seeking help and seriously want my life to be as full as possible and sick of living like a shell.
Since childhood:
cyclic episodes of assumed depression,
feelings of being in a glass box,
out of body experience (like I'm a passenger and someone else is driving),
extreme bouts of rage with no known trigger,
suicidal thoughts (no attempts but SH from 10 yrs but not anymore),
episodes that feel like a manic state lasting upwards of a week sometimes,
and poor memory (not amnesia).
No history of abuse however have recently realised I've internalised an unfortunate sexual experience negatively. I have briefly been on an SSRI but one of my main fears is numbness and these increased it. I'm happy to try medication again but I'm really looking for therapy suggestions. I'm incredibly fortunate to be in the position now to pay for session so looking for pointers on where to go

Thanks in advance. Hope everyone is as good as can be expected in the current situation


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Hey there, @SwimmerGirl25

The organisation, Mind provides a whole wealth of information and support. Importantly, they can advise you on what services are available in the area in which you live and also act as an advocate for accessing such services.

The link is here:


Sorry that you've been struggling, but glad you've found us. Hope you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

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