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Help With Emotes

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by WildCherry, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    I know this will seem a bit random, but here goes anyway.

    As some of you already know, I'm visually impaired, and I use screen reading software to navigate online.

    Even though I can't see the emotes, I'm curious about them. I want to learn how to make more of them, and what they look like.

    I know that :hug: is a hug;
    :) is a smiley face;
    :( is a sad face;
    and that's it.

    What are some of your favorite emotes, and what do they look like?
    How do you make them (for example, a hug is: : hug : without the spaces).
  2. *sparkle*

    *sparkle* Staff Alumni

    all without the spaces between : word :

    i like : bleh: which is a sticking out tongue that wibbles up and down at a person! a bit like neh neh!! lol :bleh:

    : sparkle: is a dancing chicken!! :sparkle:

    :hugtackles : is a hug where you run towards the person and tackle them with a huge hug! :hugtackles:

    :dog: is a running dog! :dog:

    :wub : is a pink shy looking face with hearts coming up into the air :wub:
  3. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Oooh thanks!! :hugtackles:
    Now I'm going to be like a kid with a new toy.
    This one has GOT to be cute!! :sparkle:
  4. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Hi Alli,

    A couple of my favorites are *hysterical* and *stars*

    Hysterical-the smiley is on the floor and turns on it's side while pounding the floor with fists and hands and mouth wide open laughing.

    Stars-the smiley bounces up and down with little stars in blue, green orange and a couple of other colors coming out of each hand.

    And yes, a colon on either side of the word without spaces makes them all!
  5. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Awww!! :stars: That one sounds all pretty and colorful.

    What does this one do? :IrishDoll: A few people have sent that one to me, and I have no idea what it is.

    And this one? :cake: Is that cake?
  6. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Hi Ali, hahaha...yes, very colorful!

    OK, *IrishDoll* is a yellow smiley face surrounded by a pinkish or lavendar flower petals.

    The *cake* is a chocolate cake with what looks like several straberries and some white icing or whipped cream on top around the rim.
  7. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Maybe it's a good thing I can't see :cake:
    I'm hungry enough as it is, and no chocolate cake!
  8. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    :wub: is my fave :D : wub : without the spaces :)

    :flowers: : flowers : without the spaces!
  9. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    I'm guessing :flowers: is flowers, LOL?

    Thanks for all the help!! :D
  10. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Sorry lol! Yes it is :)

    and wub, is like a pink heart :D
  11. sammakko

    sammakko Banned Member

    : evil : is a devil face with flames. That is my favourite emotion. Those are also my in my signature. They help me.
  12. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Oooh thanks! :) Sounds scary, LOL.
  13. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    I'll do these without the colons, you know where to add them x]
    santacon is santa with his sac, just his head though, no body.
    bubble is a pink blob flapping it's arms up and down looking quite happy, it's either floating or flying and you can see the shadow underneath him/her.
    Smug is some sort of animal laughing really strangely, it's sort of still, but vibrating almost?
    Boogie is a dancing stick man.
    Donut is.. a donut XP
    Dry is a smiley looking like :/
    lol is a guy with black sort of spikey hair, with a big grin, shaking a signpost saying "Lol!" in the air un black writing.
    sadpanda is a laughing pig, or what looks like a laughing pig.
    mortdesinos is a smiley pulling a crop out of the ground (I think), and then another smiley coming out of the hole, taking the crop back, hitting the first smiley, and returning to it's hole.
    unsure is an unsure looking, smiley. It's eyes are moving from left to right, and back again.
    troll is a sad looking smiley holding a signpost saying "Don't Feed The Troll"
    sleepy is a sleeping pokemon with Zzz's coming from it, called pikachu
    mort is a guy getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around himself after washing his head? (He has no hair)
    Leiaha is a giraffe dancing my tapping a foot and moving its head up and down.
    brett is a smiley on a motorcycle (he looks very small in scale to the bike XP)
    rooster is a rooster XD
    huh is a smiley looking confused
    wink is a smilry winking with a sort of side smile (left side of mouth is raised, right side isn't)
    lone looks like a guy who's a little overweight walking on his own wearing blue trousers and a white shirt facing right
    love is a happy pink smiley with hearts coming from it (all around it's face) holding a signpost saying "I <3 U" The <3 is a picture of a love heart.
    kris is a sailing boat
    poo is a smiley rolling its eyes back with a sign post saying "shit happens"
    sparkle is a dancing chicken
    robin is a sleeping smiley with Zzz's coming from it
    troll2 is another version of troll, only all the writing is on one line, and he has a black hat or band on.
    pokeball is a clockwise rotating pokemon ball (Half is red and half is white, if you don't know what that is x])
    mortd is a sign post on it's own saying "See yeah" on two seperate lines
    biggrin is a grinning smiley
    tongue is a smiley sticking it's tongue out in a cheeky fashion
    knit is a smiley knitting with pink wool, with what looks like blue knitted bunny ears, on a black background
    reub is a clapping green smiling blob, flying or floating, again you can see a shadow underneath.

    Now I'm hungry so I'm gonna eat, but these are all the basic, I've tried not to repeat ones that are already said, or obvious ones that are smileys. I hope this helps you out =]
  14. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    This is AWESOME, thank you sooo much!!! :biggrin:
  15. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    Generic smileys
    confused is a blue guy looking rather sad with tiny question marks above his head
    :p is a pink or white smiley sticking it's tongue out
    rollseyes is a blue guy looking up to the left (your right) with a slight smile on his face
    eek is a blue guy screaming with his eyes almost popping out of his head
    mad is a sad red smiley looking angry
    ;) is a blue smiley winking
    :-o is a pink guy looking happy, with his eye brows raised on the inside so.. a bit like ^ if that was a gap in the middle, I'm sorry if that doesn't make much sense? Let me know and I'll try and explain a little better. He's also smiling.
    cool is a light blue smiley with black sunglasses and a side smile on the right
  16. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    Party is a smiley with a :D smile, holding a sign saying “Party Time!”. He also has a big bag of popcorn behind him.
    Giggle is a pink smiley looking sort of shy, holding a sign saying “*giggle*”
    Hiding is a blue smiley looking scared, hiding beneath a chair
    Anyone is an unsure looking smiley holding a sign saying “Anyone?”
    Cheekkiss is two smilies, one moving towards the other, while the second is standing still, as he gets kissed on the cheek by the first one moving towards him.
    Agreed is a happy smiley holding a sign saying “Agreed”
    Consle is two smileys again, one looking sad until it gets patted on the head by a second smiley, at which time they both look happy.
    Admin is a geeky sort of looking guy, very short hair, no glasses or anything, holding a sign saying “Admin Power”
    Orca is a picture of a dolphin
    Cya is a very sad looking smiley holding a sign saying “Cya”
    Llama is a narrow picture of a llama
    Booboo is an upset smiley holding a sign saying “I Made A BooBoo!”
    Sweetheart is a heart shaped smiley looking sad
    Ban is an angry looking smiley holding a sign saying “BAN?”
    Emu is a picture an an emu
    Bday is a lot of happy smileys while the one in the middle holds a banner saying “happy birthday, all the smileys are colourful and have presents in their hands, it’s very colourful =]
    Stop is a tired looking smiley with a sign saying “STOP” in bold black letters
    Seeyou is a crying smiley holding a sign saying “See you”
    Goodone is an happy smiley like the :D smiley, with a sign saying “Good one”
    Miss you is a crying smiley waving, with a sign saying “Miss You”
    What is a confused and sad looking smiley holding a sign saying “What?!”
    No way is a smiley looking like they’ve had enough, holding a sign saying “No Way”
    Oh well is an annoyed looking smiley holding a sign saying “Oh well”
    Punk is a smiley with purple short spiked hair (possible a Mohawk but you can’t tell since it’s only 2D) with an eyebrow and lip piercing
    Pope is a talking smiley holding what looks like a swinging pendulum and a bible, with a crossed shield behind him in yellow with a brown cross.
    Police is a smiley with a police hat on
    Pm is a smiley pulling a letter out of it’s pocket and holding it up, with a speech bubble coming out of it’s mouth saying “Use it!”
    Plane is a smiley flying a blue plane facing left, with pilot goggles and a scarf on
    Pirate is a smiley with a pirates had and eye-patch on.
    Rant is a dark/navy blue smiley talking a lot getting really mad
    Shower is a sad looking smiley with a raincloud above its head, which showers rain upon him every few seconds.
    Shhh is a smiley with his finger to his mouth indicating you to fall silent.
    Smurf is a smurf (blue smiley) with a white smurfs hat on
    Patriot is a smiley with his hand to his head in a salute style, holding the American flag in salute
    Paper is a smiley reading the paper
    Oops is an embarrassed looking smiley holding a sign saying “Oops!”
    Old is a smiley with a shaking cane and a long white beard, talking with his other hand in the air
    Phone is a smiley talking on a green telephone
    Rofl is a smiley head rollong over the floor laughing
    Sleep is a sleeping smiley with Zzz’s coming from its mouth.
    Zipped is a smiley with a zip closing it’s mouth
    Starwars is a smiley and a smiley darthvader fighting with a green and red lightsaber
    Ninja is a smiley with only it’s eyes showing, pulling two knives from it’s pockets
    Ignore is a smiley getting really angry hitting a button saying “Ignore” with the word “Lalaaaaa” coming from it’s mouth
    Mug is a smiley looking sad holding a sign saying “LAPD (something)” I think, I can’t read it since the writing is too small, sorry x]
    Mobile is a smiley talking on a mobile phone
    Massmoon is 5 smileys pulling their trousers down and mooning you, simultaneously
    Nono is an angry smiley shaking its finger at you
    Spidy is a smiley version of spidermans head
    Sorry is an upset looking smiley with a sign saying “I’m Sorry!”
    Seehearspeak is three smileys, each covering either it’s eyes, ears or mouth (as in the “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” saying)
    Superman is a smiley version of superman
    Lolabove is a smiley crying in laughter, pointing upwards
    Lion is a lion smiley with a mane
    Jumpy is a smiley in hysterics jumping up and down, looking really excited
    Inv is a smiley looking ill, walking on crutches
    Marriage is two smileys getting married, the bride has a white thing over her head (I forget what it’s called) while holding some pink/red and green flowers.
    Stupid is a smiley sticking it’s tongue out with a sign saying “I’m with stupid” and the sign has an upward arrow on it before the writing.
    Santa is a smiley smiling with a Christmas hat on
    Rose is a red rose
    Humpie is a smiley “humping” the air
    Horse is a white horse with a smiley on it holding a spear, when the horse takes a poo.
    Hit is two angry smileys, one with a stick, hitting the other smiley
    Hieveryone is a yellow smiley looking annoyed and left out, holding a sign saying “Hi EvryBoDy” (Exactly as it’s written there)
    Yeah is a happy smiley pointing its finger from left to right in a dancing victory fashion
    Yikes is a happy smiley whose eyes pop out of his head
    Yuk is a disgusted looking smiley with the word “Yuk!” written above its head.
    Ill is an ill looking smiley with a thermometer coming out of it’s mouth and a blue wet bag on it’s head
    Headphones is a smiley with oversized headphones on
    Groupwave is 5 smileys doing a Mexican wave
    Guitar is a smiley singing while playing the guitar
    Gy is a smiley pulling a silly face
    Handinhand is two smileys holding eachothers hand, swinging them back and fourth
    Harp is a smiley speed playing the harp, with musical notes coming out of it super fast
    Headache is a sad looking smiley rubbing its head
    Wtg is a happy smiley writing “WTG!” on a blackboard (WTG standing for Way To Go!)
    Worthy is a smiley bowing down, as if in prayer
    Girlpower is a devious looking smiley with a sign saying “Girl Power”
    Diablo is a devil smiley with a pitchfork
    Fence is two smileys with black gloves and fence swords, having a sword fight
    Fish is a fish swimming in the air, from left to right and back
    Football is a smiley with an American football hat on
    Funny is a green happy smiley with a sign saying “Funny Post!”, the sign has an arrow up the right side of it pointing upwards
    Whoosh is two smileys talking, when one looks shocked, and the other laughs
    Whip is a smiley throwing a whip about through the air
    Excl is a smiley with an explanation mark coming out of his head
    Dj is a dj smiley mixing a record
    Doh is a smiley hitting his head
    Welcome is am ecstatic looking smiley with a sign saying “Welcome!” on it
    Drums is an angry looking smiley playing a blue drum kit
    Duh is a smiley wearing a coned white had looking rather sad
    Wedgie is one smiley pointing in a direction while the other looks, receiving a wedgie from the smiley that pointed
    Whack is the same as hit
    Wootrock is a smiley “headbanging” holding the symbol for “rock” in the air with his hand (sort of like .\../ if each grammar sign there was a finger)
    Cry2 is a blue crying smiley
    Cupid2 is a smiley with white wings and a bow, shooting arrows
    Dance is a smiley dancing
    Wave is a gray smiley waving while on a surfboard hitting a wave
    Wacko is a smiley looking a little crazy
    Urinal is a smiley going to a urinal, then walking off after
    Dead is a smiley with x’s in place of eyes and his tongue sticking out, looking exhausted.
    Yawn is a yawning smiley
    Chin is a smiley with a hat on, sort of dropping his chin and raising it again
    Clap is a smiley clapping with white hands
    Coffee is a tired smiley drinking coffee and reading a paper
    Confused is a smiley with 3 tiny question marks above its head
    Devil is a female looking devil smiley with a pitchfork, shooting lightning bolts from the end
    Type is a smiley typing on a keyboard at a computer
    Twocents is two coins with 1c on each, one on top of the other
    Chef is the chef from southpark (a dark guy with a white chef hat on)
    Cartman is a smiley with a blue headband on
    Canadian is a smiley with a brown hat on
    Burp is a drunk smiley with empty beer bottles surrounding him
    Tooth is a bandaged smiley with a tooth falling out
    Sweat is a smiley looking content, with sweat dripping from the left (your right) side of his face
    Tantrum is a red smiley stomping its feet and throwing its hands about in a rage
    Bottom is the same as hit or whack, except this guy the smiley is hitting the other smileys ass with a stick
    Book is a smiley reading a book
    Blue is a blue smiley looking ill and sad
    Bubbles is a smiley with blond hair in pigtails and blue eyes
    Thatsit is a smiley with a black thunder cloud erupting from behind him, looking very angry
    Thumbdown is a smiley looking sad and pointing his thumb down
    Toff is a smiley with a top hat and an eye glass
    Badday is a grey smiley looking sad with a black rain cloud above him, while it rains
    Barmy is a banana smiley that looks like it might want to dance
    Beam is a smiley looking confused with a sign saying “Beam me up Scotty!”
    Heart is a blue sparkling love heart
    Baby is a smiley in a dyper/nappy
    1st is a smiley looking happy holding a gold trophy with 1st written on it
    2nd is a smiley looking happy holding a silver trophy with 2nd written on it
    3rd is a smiley looking happy holding a bronze trophy with 3rd written on it
    Alfalfa is a grey smiley with black hair looking shocked
    Sadeyes is a nodding grey smiley looking very sad
    Apple is a smiley trying to reach an apple in the air, when it finally does reach it, the apple doesn’t budge and he drops off, his arm still holding the apple only falling off when he walks away
    Headbang is a blue smiley “headbanging” making the “rock” symbol with both hands

    These are only half for now, I'll try and do the other half at some point.
    I apologise for any spelling mistakes.
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  17. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Lol! This is great!
    Haha, I can't believe there are smileys for being mooned or going to a urinal!! :giggle:

    I like the sound of this one. :eek:rca:

    Thanks so much! I had NO idea there were so many!!
  18. sammakko

    sammakko Banned Member

    I like name of this...

    Can this be help with human emotions thread?


    Someone help with human feelings!


    How to deal with ones?
  19. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    What emotions do you need help dealing with?
  20. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    joke is someone holding a sign saying J/K
    hiding is a blue smiley hiding under a chair! lol
    sf is someone looking really happy holding a sign saying "I love SF"
    nice is a person holding a sign saying "nice thread"
    blub is someone crying
    brainfart is a smiley with his eyes going crazy, he's also deep blue or purple, and he's holding a sign saying "Brainfart"
    cat is a cat! Cats are evil..
    goodjob is a smiley with his thumb up holding a sign saying "Good Job"

    EDIT: Sorry posted early, rest are coming.

    SECOND EDIT: Sorry Alison, I just realised they all randomise, so I'll be repeating some if I carry on, I need to cross reference all the ones I did before! So it'll take a little longer to finish this as promised, but it will get done!
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