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  1. Windum

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    To get to the point.
    My best friend at work has taken his life
    It was work related depression mainly (in my view)

    Is this following ok to put in the card to his wife. i do know her well obviously

    My Words for Mark

    Kind ones

    Hard Working

    Sad ones


    Final ones

    My Friend
    Truly Missed
    Always Remembered

    Im just unsure of the Sad ones
    He was misunderstood at work and overlooked
    his wife knows this im just unsure if i should put it in.
    Suicide is so different from other ways to die, she knows he was severely depressed and he had already tried to take his life
    To me the words are exactly how i feel....
  2. Terry

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    I think she will find that very moving. :hug:
  3. Sadeyes

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    I agree this is very moving...although maybe the sad ones, however true, might make others feel ashamed, unless they are stated from his perceptions such as felt invisible, etc. So sorry about the loss of your are you doing? Please let us be there for you
  4. Windum

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