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help with wireless router...

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i just recently found out that the reason for my slow internet is that my wireless router sucks or something... when i plug my modem directly into my computer it works great and is super fast but when ever i use my router it slows down a lot...so i guess what im asking is do i need ot get a better router or is there something i can do to make it faster...im a total idiot when it comes to this shit...I have mac book pro and a d-link router model number WBR - 1310 if that helps...


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I have the exact same issue, when not plugged in it's so much slower and at times doesn't even connect,:mad: when plugged in it works super fast. Don't think you're an idiot, maybe the problem lies with the modem itself or some connection on the phone lines outside or whatever. Was going to call up to complain or have someone come out to take a look but said why bother, as long as you can get it to work real well the current way no sense taking a chance on messing with that.
If you've got the $$$, a genuine apple airport base station always gives the best wireless connection for mac computers.

But no matter what, like the other guy said, *no* wireless connection is going to be as fast or stable as having your laptop plugged directly into the modem.
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