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help with writing a CV

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Hi guys, I need to write a CV quite urgently for a new job, it's like the first time I'm applying for full-time work (part-time work application was really different)

Just want to ask anybody got any tips on how to write a good CV or know any useful websites.

Thanks alot



Keep it to no more than two sides of A4 (one if possible).
Don't use a stupidly fancy font or too big/small a font
Be honest
Sections to include: Personal details, Personal statement, Education, Work Experience, Voluntary work/courses attended, Interests (only ones that will apply to the job), a covering letter.
Someone asked this question a while ago and someone replied with an answer and I saved it and worked my CV around the template.

I can't remember who posted it, but here's what they said:



Street Address
Town, County, Postcode


Write a little about yourself. Try to sell yourself as much as you can, but be truthful in case they ask you questions, or are put to the test. For example, I communicate well and am an enthusiastic team member...I can work under pressure...well-organised...resposible...accept criticism in a postive way...etc etc.

Include a break-down of your skills, perhaps under the following headings
- Leadership skills
- Social and Interpersonal skills
- Computer skills
- Language skills

You can include different headings that are tailored more to your skills.


Depending on which country you are from, this will differ. This is how I set mine out.

Address of school

GCSE exam grades
List qualifications

AS level exam grades

List qualifications

A2 level exam grades

List qualifications

Positions of responsibility - for example, if you were a prefect, or captain of a sport, etc.

Achievements - for example, any musical achievements, taking part in schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh award, etc.

Interests - list your hobbies, for example, reading, sports, any creative interests, etc.


Here write two referees of people who know you very well. I wrote two teachers from my school. Perhaps if you've had a previous job, someone from there, or a neighbour who knows you well.


Hope that was helpful, good luck with the job.

Edit to add: If you've had jobs in the past don't forget to include 'Past Employment' and the other things that flatliner mentioned.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
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thanks alot guys, that template is really good resistance, thanks again.

CV's are an absolute nightmare! Especially when you grades are average, you have to stand out on the CV somehow!
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