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I am sorry to post like this but I do need some help in life..

I live over in blighty (UK) and well I have had the most extreme of lives (well almost)...

I cant cope anymore and well I need some advice from people in the same boat..

the list begins:
5 women I have been with have had abortions
my best mate killed himself because of me
mYfirst love is dieing of cancer
my second love has left me
My dad sold me (cash for no access)
My step dad hated me
My mum hates me for I look like my dad
I had to look after my mum and sister from the age of 14..
I am a charmer beyond beleif and I know it...
I am a total fucking tit... :(

I spent my life being the nice guy but it does not work..
look veevs, you had to grow up the day you were 14...you never had the normal life experience of growing up...this is unfair an no child deserves that!! But here you are today probably a million times stronger than most ppl out there...your perseverance will be rewarded one day i assure you this. i know where your coming from, i consider myself one of the very few 'nice' guys in this world also...why we get fucked over i have no idea...i see ppl treat there gurlfriends like shit and yet here i am alone an there still together...it makes no sense an i hate it as much as you...your not stupid and you know no one will be able to 'cure' you tonite...this is a battle you have to choose to keep fighting, there are no magic words to make it all proper. To me you seem like an incredible person and the world needs more people like you...not less!!! i hope you make the right choice to stay with us!! Take Care!!


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Hi there Veevs I'm very sorry to hear what you've been through I really am,sadly due to circumstance's your life has had to change and obviously you've been through so much.I definitely see that we can talk about thing's here and work on all kind's of area's in any way possible.Oh about that nice guy thing I think I used to be a total walk over years ago but no where near as much now,I guess girl's or women see it as getting what they want and being able to wrap guy's who are gullible around their little finger.
Let's not get this wrong by all mean's all girl's and women aren't like this,as for all guy's and men.
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