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    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years. I love him and care for him very much, but I can't be with him anymore. It's killing me, because I don't want to hurt him. He is very depressed/bi-polar. Within the past month, he has been breaking up with me off and on, claiming that I've only ever hurt him. But when he does this, he also says that he is going to kill himself. I can't let him kill himself, but I also can't be with him anymore. Instead of telling him this (because I know it will push him over), I keep telling him that I will fix whatever is hurting him. I know that this is only making things worse, but I don't know what to do. Please help.
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    You need to speak to a professional. The professional can give you some advice as to how to get him to go with you for help. This us too big for you to handle alone.
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    :hugs: I agree with the above poster that you need to see a professional as does he. Maybe go to his next psych appointment with him? Never take threats of suicide not seriously(not saying you are) but ye need the help of professionals. Keep us updated, we will try and support you through this.