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two weeks ago totally out of the blue my boyfriend of two years broke up with me saying he can't cope with his depression anymore (the first is heard of it) and needed to take a step back from our relationship which I understood as I have PTSD and knew what he needed right now was me as a friend and for a week or so we were good friends but the past few days he's been out taking drugs with a group of "mates" all who take hard drugs and want to sleep with him it's killing me. When he goes out with them not answering his phone to anyone, so I've had to go over to his house which at first he is annoyed by but then seems grateful for and back to his normal self. However last night I stayed with him because he said he wants to kill himself and he was fine we watched a movie and he became himself again and woke up the same but around two he had an argument with his mum and he just snapped again told me he never liked me and just wants everyone to leave him alone so he can die I tried to get him to come with me to get help but he adamantly refused and punched a wall. He's gone out to meet these "mates" of his and I'm terrified he won't come home. I've been in touch with his mum and were both trying to find him but I have no idea what I can do to help him right now because I still love him so much and everything he says I know he doesn't mean but it hurts so much.What should I do? I've lost someone important to me to suicide before I can't let it happen again.


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I am so sorry to hear about this hun.

Like you said yourself he doesn't mean the things he is saying and him pushing you away has nothing to do with you; but you trying to stay with him is amazing. You have done all the right things for him.
Keep telling him you want him to get help, and tell him that he deserves it.

He is lucky to have you in his life.

But also, you need to take care of yourself as well, it must be a great stresser for your PTSD to deal with this? Have you tried telling him you would feel better if he tried to get some help?
That's the approach I had to take with my boyfriend... and now he's so glad I did that.


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Just be there for him when he is around, make sure he knows he can talk to you in a non judgemental setting. You are a great friend to have, just keep doing what you are doing and best of luck, keep us updated.


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Welcome to the forum. You are worthy and caring person who trying to support someone who is having a bad time. It's hard to see who someone who wants to self-destruct himself.

All you can do is get here for him when it's low. It's not nice to see a love one who is struggling. I know you are hurting but stay strong for him.

Keep posting as we can help you overcome any hurt you are feeling.
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