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Could someone pm me methods for suicide?. i'm looking for a painless method, preferably. I was thinking sleeping pills, but I might vomit it up. I wish this were easier.
plz plz dont do it!!! take your own advice and plz dont do it!!! i know it hurts like hell and there seems like theres no other way but there is. plz dont do this. im not crisis negator and i probally couldn't talk anybody from doing anything but plz there is always another way out!!! im only 16, ive felt the horrible pain the unbelieveible suffering too it will get better, for me plz just give it another day. plz dont do it.


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Could someone please assist me in this? I know this a "pro-life" forum, but maybe I'll get lucky and someone will lend me a hand...thanks in advance.
(Why do you both have the same avatar? How weird)

I think you know that no one here is going to give you the answers you're asking for. And I think you know that you could probably find out the answers in other ways - this is the internet, after all - much faster than asking here.

People say that "people who really want to kill themselves don't talk about it, they just do it" but I don't really think it's true. I think people who want to kill themselves talk about it, they just might not do it. There's a big big gap between WANTING to kill yourself and actually going through with it, you know?

Not that doing it makes you better than someone who's just thinking about it, or wants to, or threatens to. It's not noble or a show of strength of spirit or commitment or anything like that. It's probably exactly the opposite.

I can only tell you that overdosing on pills is certainly not a good idea. Apart from anything, many of them will give you heart failure, slowly destroy your organs (which is, of course, incredibly painful) or leave you alive but incredibly injured if you fail. Killing yourself in general isn't a good idea, either.

Instead of asking for methods, why not give this crowd a try and tell us why you want to end your life? You have nothing to lose.
Here at SF we don't discuss methods or how tos, we lend an ear and an open mind and try to work with you and help you through your difficult times. With that said if you need ot talk I am here to listen


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as you said this is a pro life forum. We will not give out methods here, try and stick around and get some more support from us here.

take care
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