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Hello ppl..watz up.This is mah 2nd i dun knw y am i counting it..anywayz...I just wanna share mah thoughts n i do need sum motivation.After 10 dayz me gonna have mah EXAMS.THE BIGGEST EXAM IN MAH LIFE.I need above 65% and i knw i cant make it...coz i havent studied much and i even doubt dat will i pass in dis.....gaining 65% is lyk impossible.WHAT SHOULD I DO DAMN..coz if i dnt gain 65% i wnt make it in NAVY...n dis is mah last chance coz my age is lyk 19.I dunno wat shld i do...damn damn damn...and i m tensed n cant study.Plssssssssss tell me wat shld i do.My dad sayz dat if i dnt make it to 65%...den he also cant help me in mah future..n i dunno wat shld i do...i m scared to b alive now..i mean damn..i dunno wat shld i do.
You will never know what you can achieve if you do not take the steps necessary to do so. If you choose not to study you will most certainly be ensuring your failure. If you really want to pass this exam you will study for it. If you don't understand how to do something, you would seek further help such as a tutor. I understand you being tense about this exam. I see you defeating yourself in that you have already said you couldn't pass, but you haven't tried either. You want motivation. The motivation should be the fact that if you pass this test you will be on the way to achieving one of your goals. Another motivation should be that your father will help you financially. Don't give up on yourself before you have even started.
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